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About Us


Öztürk Group, whose industrial foundations were laid in 1974, has become one of the largest corporate industrial establishments of today's Thrace by keeping up with the developing technology with the struggle initiated by our founder İbrahim ÖZTÜRK on the market counter and the progressive initiatives of the second generation.

leading brand of the group in 1996 and also the basics oath Ozturk, one of Turkey's leading feed producers have been taken. The facility, where the latest products and services of feed production technology are used, has a capacity of 40 tons/ hour, 960 tons/ day.

In 2015, the Eurasia Breeding Farm with a capacity of 3,000 cattle, one of the largest and most modern breeding farms in the region, was established in order to contribute to both R&D studies and regional animal husbandry. Finally, in 2019, it started to trade raw materials with Odrin both at home and abroad.

In addition to its success with quality production, Öztürk Group continues to work non-stop for the development of the agricultural and livestock activities of our country with the sale of the Fuel Station, agricultural fertilizers. The group, which started its activities as a family business, today continues its activities with all of its corporate principles, including the family constitution, on handover to the next generation.

Mission: To increase knowledge and productivity in the agriculture and livestock sector by using the latest technology with innovative products and services.

Vision: By reinforcing our position in the national arena, our company is customer-oriented, innovative, designed and uses high technology in line with the preferences of our customers, and above all, able to offer the best quality feed at the most competitive prices possible, inform our producers technically, and help them achieve the highest efficiency, Our biggest goal is to make progress towards transparency and higher quality.


Family Union

·        Our promise is our reputation.

·        We are fair, safe, respectful.

·        We Are Equal To Everyone.


·        Importance to education.

·        We are market oriented.

·        Continuous Improvement.

·        R&G

Solidarity / Communication

·        We adopt our employees and business partners as a family.

·        We take corrective and preventive actions.

·        We are respectful.

Social responsibility

·        We do projects with non-governmental organizations.

·        We protect the interests of our country and our region.

·        We provide scholarships to students and financial and in-kind assistance to those in need.

Öztürk Group has established an effective quality and food safety management System in accordance with the conditions stipulated by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. These Quality and Food Safety Management Systems have been documented with the Handbook, Procedures and Support documents, the implementation for the continuity of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems has started and has been put into continuous improvement activity.

Öztürk Group has created the Processes deemed necessary for the Quality and Food Safety Management System, and defined the sequence of these processes and their effect on each other. It guarantees that the food safety hazards expected to occur in the products and services defined, evaluated and controlled within the scope of the Food Safety Management System will not harm the consumer directly or indirectly.

He determined the sequence of processes he created and their interaction with each other. He reported information on the important points of food safety related to his products and services throughout the food chain.

 It has established the necessary criteria and methods to ensure the effectiveness of the operation and control of the processes. It has been ensured that the necessary source and information for these are found at the required points.

The methods required to measure and analyze these processes are determined and performs measurements and analyzes during the Analysis of System data.

In order to provide the planned outputs of the processes and for continuous improvement, the necessary activities are determined and followed up during the Management Review process.

The Food Safety Management System is periodically evaluated and updated when necessary.



Interaction Chart and Interaction Scheme of Processes

Meeting report

OGP and HACCP Plan

ÖZTÜRK GROUP, which has succeeded in placing the industrialism coming from the family tradition on the corporate platform;

-Well-established and qualified staff.
-Together with its working partners in national and international markets that it aims to walk side by side.
-By offering fast and flexible solutions to changing market requirements without sacrificing quality.
-Believing in planned and continuous improvement.
-Innovative, attaching importance to Customer Satisfaction.
-By producing in accordance with food safety legal requirements and quality standards and ensuring this.
-It makes a commitment to continuously improve management systems and to comply with applicable conditions.