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From Market Stand to These Days;


Our founder İbrahim ÖZTÜRK was born on 01.01.1948 in Lüleburgaz. He started his business life at a young age with the textile exhibition he opened in the markets with his 2 brothers. Growing their business as a result of hard and planned work, Öztürkler moved to Uzunköprü in 1970 and opened a textile store there, and while the business was growing rapidly, they decided to open a second store in Edirne in 1972.


Having achieved successful results as a result of productive studies, Öztürkler laid the first industrial foundations with the flour factory they established in Uzunköprü in 1975. By the year 1980, while the business continued to grow, Öztürkler was also very successful in industrialism and decided to increase the capacity of the factory. Öztürkler, who wanted to increase the existing capacity and establish a modern and technological facility, decided to establish a brand new facility in the Havsa district, which is more centrally located, and the foundation of the facility was laid.


Öztürkler, who does not want to be limited to the flour factory, put "BP" quality to the service of its customers in 1990 under the Öztürkler Petrol brand next to the feed factory. In 1993, they decided to establish a new feed mill next to the flour mill. In 1996, Öztürk Yem, the locomotive brand of Öztürk Group, started to produce feed in order to meet the needs of the growers in the region in the most modern conditions of the period. Öztürk Yem, which proved itself in a short time in the feed industry, continued to grow with new products by increasing its production capacity and became one of the largest corporate industrial establishments in Thrace today.


Companies grow stronger and grow stronger and grow by making additional investments that support their main line of business over time. With this understanding, Öztürk Group decided to step into the oil sector first with the synergy gained from its success in the feed sector. In 2004, Öztürkler started the Öztürk Yağ factory with the Öztürk Yağ brand, which has a crushing capacity of 250 tons / day, in order to both support the farmers in the region and develop industrial investments, and then in 2010, with the principle of "High, healthy and quality milk production with advanced technology" They offered the TMR brand to our manufacturers. In 2015, he laid the foundations of the Eurasia Breeding Farm with a capacity of 3,000 cattle in the Havsa district of Edirne under the umbrella of Öztürk Group, where he was the Chairman of the Board. The farm, where many different breeding breeds are raised, contributes to meeting the red meat needs of the region. In 2019, we set out with the principle of "quality feed is produced from quality raw materials" and "The healthiest way to achieve this is to keep the pulse of the domestic and international raw material market" and launched the Odrin Tarım brand, especially with foreign business partners, mainly raw materials and They started trading in agricultural products.


İbrahim ÖZTÜRK has adopted the principle of "The biggest trick is honesty" throughout his working life and explained this to future generations in the best way. İbrahim ÖZTÜRK, who is still the Chairman of the Board of Öztürk Group, continues to pass on his knowledge, experience and experience to future generations. The importance of knowledge and qualified personnel is very important for the continuous development of our country and our region.In this context, İbrahim ÖZTÜRK, who attaches great importance to education, has provided hundreds of students with scholarships and internship opportunities since the first years of the company and will continue to do so.


İbrahim ÖZTÜRK, together with his older brother İrfan ÖZTÜRK, built the Süleybe - Şefik Öztürk Nursing Home named after his parents in Uzunköprü district in 2014 and allocated it to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for use by the needy.