Active Pregnant

Active Pregnant


Active Pregnant Cow is an anionic feed developed for the use of the dry separated milks 45-60 days before the birth. It is carefully formulated and produced to regenerate the udder tissue in the dry period, to develop well the calf in the womb, to have a quality colostrum after birth and to minimize metabolic diseases.


It is used for feeding cows that are dried in the last 45-60 days of their pregnancy according to body condition score and milk productivity.

The energy and protein ratio of the feed is balanced in a way to prevent excessive fat, and provides more milk intake when the cow enters the lactation period.

It can be seen after birth due to oiling; It minimizes ketosis (diabetes), abomasum displacement (stomach spinning), fatty liver, uterine inflammation and failure to remove the end (spouse, ethen).

If the nutritional recommendations are followed, no vitamin and mineral supplements are needed. It minimizes the problems of milk fever and postpartum breast edema.

In the last period of pregnancy, the development of the baby in the womb is fast and it supports the nutrients it needs and provides a healthy calf.


With the dry period, the mammary glands of the pregnant animal rest, the body cells are renewed, thus preparing for the new yield period in a healthy way.

The animal taken into the dry period should be kept separately from the milks. Thus, fry throwing can be prevented due to competition in the drinker and feeder.

During this period, our animals should not gain excess weight. Dry min. It should stay 45 max 75 days.

Clean and fresh water should be kept in front of the animals in the dry period.

Roughage to be used in dry period feeding should not be moldy, putrid or spoiled. They can cause calf shedding and a decrease in immunity.

During the dry period, dry or wet alfalfa grass, dry or wet beet pulp, raw materials with high Ca and K content and milk feed should not be given.

It should be mixed with milk feed 15-20 days before birth and the animal should get used to milk feed.

Dry matter intake of our animals should be checked frequently 15-20 days before birth, and should be able to consume half of the milk ration in the week that it will give birth.

Additives with high sodium content such as salt and soda should not be given to the animal during the dry period as it will increase udder edema.



Alfalfa And Good Quality Hay


Corn Silage



Last before birth
45-60 Day









* The amount of roughage and concentrate given in the table is reported as the amount to be given per animal per day. If a raw material other than the ones in the table will be used, ask for support from your regional sales manager.