Full-Bodied Muesli Feed

Full-Bodied Muesli Feed

Full-bodied Muesli Feed:

After the 6th month for the fattened cows; for breeder and pregnant cows until 30-45 days until their birth; It can be used in sheep, flushing feeding and in rams during the ramming period. It is a special feed consisting of corn flake and barley flake in pellet form with high digestibility, balanced energy and protein ratio, high quality protein, and high vitamin-mineral ratio.

It provides a rapid increase in livelihood and growth in fattened cows. Thus, healthy, large and strong breeders are obtained.

It allows flushing feeding in sheep without the need for grain and increases the twinning rate.

When it is started to be used in rams 1 week before the period of adding the ram, it increases the number and quality of sperm thanks to the high vitamin and minerals it contains.

Thanks to the buffer substances and live yeast contained in it, it increases the use of feed. It reduces metabolic diseases such as tympani and laminitis.