Prestige Lamb Rearing

Prestige Lamb Rearing


Prestij Lamb Grower Feed is carefully formulated and produced so that lambs who eat Active Lamb Starter feed for 60 days and leave the milk can grow rapidly and reach the maturity of slaughter as soon as possible without the need for any additional grain, vitamin and mineral supplements during the fattening period.


It guarantees very fast body weight gain and healthy growth. Your lambs reach the maturity of slaughter as soon as possible.

Contains 18% crude protein. It contains high levels of bypass protein and essential amino acids necessary for growth.

Its energy level and quality is very high. Since it has a high starch content, additional grains should never be used with Prestij lamb.

Since it contains high levels of Vitamin A, E and Selenium, it prevents diseases like white muscle.

Since it is an anionic feed, there is absolutely no urine stone when used alone.

It is produced from raw materials with high digestibility and bio-usefulness.



• It should be ensured that lambs have free access to clean, potable water and food.

• At least 1 m2 dry litter area should be provided for every 3 lambs. The bedding area provided at the age of 1 month should be 1 m2 for 2 lambs.

• It is beneficial to keep lambs younger than one week in separate sections.

• From 60 days on, Prestij Lamb Grower Feed must be offered as free consumption.

• On the 30th day, quality hay can be given.

• For the heating of the shelters, 1 (250 W) infra-red lamp can be used for every 15 lambs, 1 meter from the floor or alternative heating systems can be preferred.

• Respiratory problems will increase as a result of high humidity (80%) and insufficient ventilation in lamb shelters. Especially in winter, excessive and direct air flow should be avoided. In addition, it should be ensured that the shelter is sufficiently ventilated.

• Pre-natal and postnatal vaccination and health practices in lambs and pregnant ewes should be done within the framework of a protocol.



Prestige Lamb Rearing

Alfalfa And Good Quality Hay

Number of Meals








400-1200 gr

200-400 gr



The amount of roughage and concentrate given in the table is reported as the amount to be given per animal per day. If a raw material other than the ones in the table will be used, ask for support from your regional sales manager.